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The designer of the inescapable construction tape Tuck Tape®.

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Always on the lookout for new technologies to meet the global challenges of adhesive tape to improve its existing products in synch with the changing needs of its customers. Cantech called upon our services for a full website update and full-service content management. Improve data sheets, increase traffic, reduce calls to customer services, and sales reps support were all elements that were studied and improved.

This bilingual site had to meet linguistic and regional requirements since the head office is located in the United States.




Canadian Technical Tape Ltd is a private family-owned company that employs 250 people. We have been making self-adhesive tape since 1950.

Our tapes are marketed under the Cantech, Tuck and Sports tape brands as well as various private labels. We mainly work in four main markets: manufacturing, construction, retail and sport.

Our corporate activities are based on the following principles:

  • Make sure that our adhesive tape is a sure value for our customers.
  • Provides high-quality products that are both consistent and reliable products.
  • Support our sales activities by ongoing R & D programs to ensure that our products are keeping pace with the market.
  • Develop the skills of our partners by an active support of sales and ongoing training.
  • Treat our employees with respect.
  • Care about the environment and ensure the sustainability of all our efforts.