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Goûtez le Québec

Goûtez le Québec

The “Goûter le Québec” chef tour is a provincial tour that covers more than 10 regions across Quebec.

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Virtuel Graphique is a proud partner of the “Goûter le Québec” chefs’ tour.

Virtuel Graphique was contacted to redesign the “Goûter le Québec” chefs’ tour. Major improvements were brought on several fronts, including a rejuvenated image, an adaptive version, and a streamlined and updated usability. Other points tackled were download speed, cross-platform access and proper showcasing of the promo video capsule on the homepage. The customer asked us to stay close to the tour’s visual brand guidelines while improving user experience.




Goûtez le Québec

The “Goûter le Québec” Chefs Tour

This circuit, a kind of grand culinary tour, has created for more than 5 years a gourmet axis throughout the province of Quebec. More precisely, we tour the whole province with our “Goûter le Québec” show, sponsored by IGA, which focuses on integrating various events across Quebec. Our event showcases a diversified programming with advices, tricks and tips from our chefs. Exciting cooking performances and fine food tasting are also part of the fun.

Goûtez le Québec